DeltaTower was put on the map in 1995 following the huge success of our first tower design, thousands of which were installed throughout 5 regions in India, predominantly in the capital, Delhi. Over the years we have grown to reach the USA, Europe, North East Asia, South East Asia and Australia.

At DeltaTower we believe that there is great value in doing one thing very well, rather than doing 10 things less well. Our product range therefore remains small and focused, which has resulted in it being well designed and conceptualized. Following the incredible success of our original product, we have sought to provide practical solutions for our clients with our improved tower design, which incorporates even more features, including:

• Lightweight structures
• Security against cable theft
• The ability to be adapted in the future should more antennas be required
• Fast deployment of a day or less
• No maintenance

Having learnt what works and what we do well, we are always looking for ways to do even better. This philosophy has enabled us to supply to the likes of Motorola and Siemens, two of the biggest names in the industry.

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