DeltaTower manufactures a unique range of lightweight structures for mounting 3G, 4G and 5G antennas on all types of rooftops. Designed using lightweight aluminum alloy with patent-pending high strength geometry, DeltaTowers are ideal for dispersing the higher loads of the new generation 5G massive MIMO antenna systems.

• Worry-free non-penetrating rooftop system
• Less weight on the host building
• Build time for any site is reduced to less than a day
• Eliminate the cost of crane hire or hoisting
• Telecom cabinets do not need steel beams
• Ready for 5G antennas
• Reducing the length of feeder cables
• Built-in cable protection
• No painting needed, even in coastal areas
• Quickly demountable and reusable in other locations
• 100% recyclable material

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Safety, innovation and efficiency are our criteria.


We offer a range of rooftop mounting solutions with non-penetrating base systems to ensure the building’s integrity is maintained. Our modular designs provide fast installations while reducing cost and minimising health and safety risks. DeltaTower structures are easily adaptable when you need to add more antennas or for site sharing by multiple Operators. For added peace of mind, the legs are designed to conceal all connection bolts and cables, making them uniquely secure.

DeltaTower antenna poles conform to Paragraph 1(d) of Schedule 2, TA 1984, thus achieving permitted development status under GPDO 2015 without using stanchions or central masts for 5G massive MIMO antennas.

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With over 30 years of success in our field, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge gained from on-site experience and positive customer feed-back, and provide a range of specialist services to complement our unique products:

  • Site Survey and Engineering
  • Safety Evaluation Reports
  • Removal of legacy material
  • Installation of new DeltaTowers
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With over 30 years of success in our field, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge.


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