We know you need high strength, maintenance-free structures, which are lightweight and quick to deploy. We also know that more Operators are want to share their sites, especially with the arrival of 5G massive MIMO antennas. DeltaTower has managed to achieve all these features in its entire range of products, by combining clever design with precision extruded modern alloys.
We offer a range of rooftop mounting solutions for 2G, 3G, 4G and the new generation of 5G massive MIMO antennas. We offer a range of rooftop mounting solutions with non-penetrating base systems to ensure building integrity is maintained. Our modular designs provide fast installation time while reducing cost and minimising health and safety risks. DeltaTower structures are easily adaptable when you share sites and need to add more antennas. And for added peace of mind, the legs are specifically designed to conceal all connection bolts and cables, making them uniquely secure.

Utilising modular parts of lightweight, high strength alloy means that DeltaTower structures can be installed by two people in less than a day and without the need for expensive cranes or road closures, resulting in huge cost savings for each site.

YouTube Building a DeltaMast

Sophisticated design

Lightweight materials

Fast, non-penetrating installation

Saving you money


DeltaTower supplies a range of accessories tailored for rooftop sites, giving you the convenience of ordering everything you need from one supplier.