Rooftop Towers
For rooftop mounting for RF and microwave antennas
Higher strength solution for co-locating operators and site owners

• 2m – 18m height
• Three leg configuration
• 6 antennas and 6 RRUs or TMAs can be mounted at each level
• No requirement for mounting poles; all antennas, RRUs, TMAs are all mounted directly on the tower legs
• Easy 1 - 3 hour installation, using simple tools, no hoist needed
• High strength, lightweight, complex-extruded alloy legs
• Maintenance-free marine grade aluminum, optional powder coating
• Non-penetrating base system (withstands 250km/h wind-load)
• Roof-penetrating system (withstands 300km/h wind-load)
• Internal work platform for easy maintenance on antennas
• CPRI and Jumper cables are hidden from cable theft
• Easily upgrades to a DeltaFrame to transform into a high capacity hub site

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